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Current Kittens:

There are two chocolate left a boy and a girl. The flame point girl was sold this week.  There has been several inquiries already about these kittens and the will go to the first people who pay for them or put down $100 deposit for the one they want.

The current price for the kittens is $300 for her plus delivery charge of $25 if applicable.

Pictures should be up shortly. I am are running behind due to a lot of medical appointments lately and other priorities around the farm.

The litter was born on Aug 28 and will be available Oct 24. Still too young to tell genders.

People purchasing kittens should to take the kitten to their vet after they purchase it. If their is a serious problem with the kitten a refund for the kitten will be provided on its return to us alive along with a note  from the vet stating the nature of the a problem with one week from purchase. We want people to be happy with the kittens they purchase.

In the past we have taken the kittens to the vet and then the purchaser takes the kitten to the vet if they are smart and the only person making money from this is the vets.

Our prices are lower as a result we originally were charging $600 and $ 500 for our kittens.

If you are interested in viewing kittens or reserving one please call or email us.



Asking Price

Seal Point: Chocolate & Tortoise

$250 - $400

Flame Point

$250 - $475



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